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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Effective Internet Marketing

Do you ever wish you could start seeing more results from all your efforts at making money online? There are two words that we will focus on that will dramatically improve things for you and these are important for effective internet marketing.

Effective internet marketing basics: The first word is a four letter word that you are already doing and needs to change right away. You absolutely must change this four letter word to our second word which is six letters. A lot of numbers you say? Get to the point you say?

I emphasize focusing on these words so much because of the vast importance of them. Are you ready for the first word? Here it is, it’s busy. You’re busy, busy, busy right?

So many emails to read and respond to, so many new websites to check out, must find out the new secret that will explode your business.

Have you actually tried to track your time spent on your business? What exactly are you doing to make money? Are you spending your time, or are you investing your time that will bring manifold returns? You see, there’s a lot of people on the web vying for your attention. “Hey, just click here on this link to discover the secret to making $3,000 a day with only 3 simple steps” Not to mention the 300 tedious, time consuming steps in between those 3 simple steps. Many of the programs on the web are legitimate and do work, but how often have you invested in a program, opened up the package or checked out the website only to put it aside for something else. If only you had seen that particular program through to completion.

Which brings me to the second word we are lasering in on today, and this word is so powerful that if implemented with laser like focus, even if for only 2 to 3 hours a day, you will see dramatic improvements in your business actually bringing in money and gaining new contacts and customers every single day. The word is action. You may think their not much different, action and busy, but there is a world of difference. Action is taking that sometimes uncomfortable, maybe somewhat painful next step that you know needs to be done that will indeed help you. A great example would be discovering a great ebook packed full of information on things you could do to succeed. The busy part is downloading it, and even reading a portion of it, but because this particular book may be 200 pages you don’t finish it just yet. So you close it up and intend to come back to it, but first you have to check your emails that are piling up from all those people out there. As you read your emails you find another great program offering a free ebook explaining how it’s “really” done. Hey, it’s free, why not?

But wait, let’s back it up and see what action does. Action says maybe I can’t sit here and read the whole thing right now, but I can print off 50 pages of it and actually carry it with me throughout the day, and have a written goal(very important to write your goals down) to finish those 50 pages that day. Action also carries a pen and paper to jot down the actual steps that the book recommends and then transfers them to your goals section. Action then moves to achieving those goals. You look at your list of goals and start at number one, then state to yourself that I’m going to focus on this for one hour, I can do that. If you think you have to work at it all day, you may not ever get to it. So just like college, you go to one class for one hour, maybe study for one hour for that class and that’s it.

In closing, always be asking yourself, is what I’m doing actually going to bring in money or is it just busy work? I too, like you perhaps, have a plethora of material that is still untouched. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all, just take action. Oh, by the way, action got this article written by setting aside one hour to do so.

Author: Steven R. Shaw

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