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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Parenting Blogs and Web Sites (Get Traffic to your Site)

Parenting Directory

It's hard and frustrating when you know you've got an excellent product and a great company, but very few visitors to your site.

So how do you get noticed when there are literally millions of companies vying for attention that rate far higher in the organic search engine rankings?

That's the issue Tubby Bubby had to deal with once it was established in 2004, and it's an issue that we know most sites have to face in the early days.

Our original concept of providing a parenting directory of baby and child related services and products went well, resulting in lots of listings being added to a clean looking functional site with lots of positive feedback from clients. It wasn't long before the directory became our core business.
Our story

People would tell us that we were wasting our time because they could simply "Google" the parenting products and services that they were interested in locating. It was never our intention to compete with Google... we were simply aiming to collate a useful list of parenting websites which we found interesting and which were more targeted and relevant to our audience.

We were happy with the continued growth of the website after the initial slow start... we moved from a PageRank of 0 to 3. But sales were slow because traffic was still low. In order to grow our business, we had to start thinking a little differently. We had to come up with an idea which would continue to grow and evolve as the number of parenting websites grew.

Our solution was to offer our directory to other websites so that it could be "embedded" within their own site. The websites that we would consider had to be quality parenting-related websites. This meant that the listings currently displayed in the directory would gain extra exposure as their business could now be found on many other websites. We were happy to offer this to our existing listings free of charge as a "thank you" for their early support.

Our directory engine had to be re-written so that it only required a single line of code for any website to add the directory. The idea sounded good in theory but in order to entice websites to include the directory we would have to offer large commissions on new listings added via their website, as well as a complete "accounts console" so that they could monitor their earnings.

We are now very happy with the progress of the site. In January 2009, the Tubby Bubby site was re-designed. We are now rated as a PageRank 4 website and continue to field requests from new parenting websites to join the directory and/or include it on their website.

We would like to thank everyone that has been involved in Tubby Bubby and can assure you that we will continue to work hard to make the directory a useful parenting resource. All feedback is very much appreciated so please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

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Parenting Directory

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