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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Create Thousands of Jobs (Make Home Improvement Loans Available)

Everyone knows the US economy is down and homeowners are struggling.
In California alone they've lost one million jobs. Nationwide there are a lack of jobs and the situation doesn't appear to be getting better any time soon.
There is a way to get us back on track and to create jobs.
Just as the housing crisis brought the problems, it can deliver solutions too.
We need jobs, if people have jobs they can pay their day to day expense demands.

Businesses are suffering in the down economy. Much talk is given to make new tax credits for business and to make loans available to small business owners.
These things do help businesses in that they are given a little more staying power but small business loans and tax credits don't resolve the core issue.... lack of business. What small businesses really need today is more paying customers.
With enough paying customers the small businesses wouldn't need loans. Most small businesses would prefer to have sales and receipts rather than a bail out loan.

The construction industry employs many people and creates jobs among many other segments of the workforce. Getting the construction industry going could create many jobs nationwide. Additionally, when the construction industry works it means that materials are purchased (good for the local material suppliers bottom line), workers are employed for the projects, truckers work to deliver goods to the suppliers, taxes are collected by local governments, building departments get fees, more things to do at the city offices, inspectors, clerks, etc. all have work to do when construction industry works.

It is so easy to get the construction industry working again.
While there is high unemployment there is also the larger part of the people that still have jobs. In most places, 90% of the people are still working and paying their bills. The fact is, these people would like to make home improvements and they are unable to do it because there isn't good financing for home improvement projects anymore. Three years now that it has been tough to get any kind of loan for home improvements. Make home improvement loans available and watch the economy get going again. There are many homeowners that would like to take out loans for all kinds of home improvements, room additions, kitchens, carpeting, swimming pools, landscaping, and so on. If these folks can get the loans then the jobs will be available for the contractors and when they work it will affect so many others as mentioned earlier. In addition, local economies can benefit because when all these people work they'll go get a haircut, buy a pizza, visit the local ice cream shop etc. Local businesses benefit as it's a chain of progress, create jobs, people can do their jobs, pay their bills and spend a little in their local community. One links to the other as a chain, we're only as strong as our weakest link. Our weakest link IS the housing. We need to fix that link and much has been done in that department where it pertains to keeping homeowners in their homes and helping to avoid foreclosure.

Making home improvement loans available can create thousands of jobs in the construction industry nationwide.
When homeowners get improvements on their homes many jobs are created and making home improvement loans available IS the answer to quick relief of this crisis.

Getting home improvement loans today is next to impossible because of the housing crisis and the affect on home value. Because home improvement loans have been based in large part upon home value and equity, with the falling home values and foreclosure problems, home loans have disappeared. This needs to be fixed, it can be done quickly and results could be felt in a matter of days, not weeks, months or even years. Making money available for home improvements would cause a surge in the construction industry, thousands of jobs will be created and many businesses which are now on the edge will be saved as will others in the chain of supply and demand.

Make money available for home improvements and create jobs nationwide.
There are so many people ready to get home improvements done, get them the money so they can get the work. Getting that work means income for businesses AND jobs for everyone involved along the way.
So, how can this work. Banks don't want to lend because of home values.
A lump sum of money should be allocated nationwide for those people that want home improvement projects from remodeling projects to buying a new swimming pool.
Criteria to obtain these home improvement loans must be adjusted so it takes consideration of the borrowers credit history and ability to make payments on the new loan. FORGET about home value and equity. Make money available and give loans based on credit and ability to pay, if we wait for equity to be resolved there will be many more businesses that go under. It will be very sad as there are many customers hungry to buy, they just don't have the financing required to do what they would like to do.

Many contractors are on the verge of collapse because of the problem with supplying financing to customers that want to buy.
We cannot wait the time it will take for equity problems to resolve themselves.
Action should be taken to make immediate home improvement loans to anyone that wants them and can prove up income and credit. Making loans based on 2 of the 3 criteria primarily considered can result in good loans to consumers and will resolve the bigger problems we're having these days by creating jobs.

State governments like California are in bad shape. Home improvement loans can fix many aspects of local economies with creating the jobs and revenues from work.

The government should step in with a bail out plan.
Simply by allocating a block of money for home improvements you'll see lots of good changes in the jobs market and many businesses which otherwise will surely collapse may survive the times.... because they'll get what they really need, PAYING customers.
Make a block of money available and make it easy to get for homeowners with good credit and good job, no question about equity.
I would propose loans up to 75000 in more expensive areas like California and east coast areas like NY, PA, MD where costs are higher. With a 75000 loan, folks can do a home improvement project that can benefit the local contractors and create many jobs.
In less expensive areas loans could be up to say 35000 or so. These loan amounts are sufficient to do a nice home improvement and that is really the important factor. The loan size needs to be enough so they can do a nice project but doesn't need to be over done.
Make these loans available, any homeowner can apply and should get quick approval in 24 hours followed by funding within a few days. That could mean that thousands of contractors and businesses will be on their way to a fast recovery and could be just a matter of days..... IF a block of money is created to fund home improvement loans to qualified homeowners in todays' market.

States like California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Michigan which are hardest hit by these times still believe in their housing markets coming back.
The Federal government believes the housing values will come back too. These things just take time but basically most people DO believe that the home values will come back.... in time. Contractors and many businesses DON'T have the time and CAN'T wait much longer. They need a cash infusion and what better way to get it than by having paying customers. What business needs a loan... they have trouble now because of lack of customers, another loan to pay is just another debt for the business. Give them the old fashioned strategy of making a living by competing for business in the marketplace. Make money available for people to borrow and do it quickly.

The government needs to create a block of money available for borrowing based on credit and income. These loans can still be secured by the homes as 2nd or 3rd mortgages and should be long term 15 to 20 years and at low rates.
Loans to 75000 or 35000 depending on the area.
Let homeowners get the loans and watch the jobs being created and local economies to thrive. Consumers want home improvements and contractors would like to supply the services. A loan program like this could be easily created and money should be available in a few days. We could see nationwide improvement of our economic situation and save contractors and businesses, creating thousands of jobs and giving homeowners the improvement projects they want right now.

Just ask local swimming pool contractors and home improvement contractors and they can tell you that there isn't a lack of business. Phones are ringing for new swimming pools and home improvements, the people need financing and it's not available. Federal and State governments need to invest in the economy by creating loans right now and get on track to resolving something that can have potentially huge returns. Think about it, the lender makes a good loan at a good rate and that's a good investment. Homeowners can buy and businesses survive....and may even thrive.

The time is now.... we can't wait for home values to correct, contractors and businesses are on the verge of complete collapse and cannot wait another day.
It is sad for contractors that could survive quite easily if only their customers were given the home improvement loans needed to buy the services....and create jobs. These jobs can be created so easy and it should take only a few days to get money allocated for borrowing. This means in a couple of weeks contractors and businesses could be feeling economic relief.... real relief, in the form of paying customers. Better economic times could be days away if someone with authority steps in to resolve the home improvement loans and pave the way for better days in the very near future.

WHO can help to get this message in the hands of someone that can create such a program for home improvement loans to suddenly be readily available? Someone can do this and it should be done, NOW not later.

We can be on the fast track to recovery but someone needs to make loans available for home improvements so the customers can buy. It's likely that quality contractors already have a nice stack of customers just waiting for news of home improvement loans that are available. I have many customers with good income, stable job history and high credit scores. They would like to have a new swimming pool built in Southern California. If we could get them loans, many people in Southern California would work again as swimming pool builders work with excavators, plumbers, steel, concrete, electricians, landscapers, masonry, building departments, material suppliers, laborers and more. All of these trades are out of work these days, making funds available to homeowners would mean all of these trades could be fast tracking themselves to stability rather than the way it is now, fast tracking to unavoidable collapse due to the housing crisis.

The housing industry got us into all of this mess and the housing industry can get us back on track. Please send this on to anyone that can help make loans available. It shouldn't be difficult and the benefits are many. It is a sensible plan for stable homeowners and with their purchases, many businesses and contractors will survive and maybe even thrive.

Can YOU help in getting home improvement loans widely available for homeowners regardless of the equity situation in the home?
We need your help right now to get this message into the hands of anyone that can help. Please click the little flag and send this on to anyone you can, especially local representatives that can have contract with the Obama administration.
This is a program that will help America's economy and will create jobs, save businesses and maybe even stop decline in many communities where pizza shops, barber shops and beauty places as well as other small businesses are closing because people aren't stopping in anymore. Make loans available for home improvements and these other small businesses get help too because at the end of the day, after a good days work people will buy again from the local shops.

Bring us some funding for home improvements in Southern California. We have so many customers that want swimming pools but will not be able to get a home improvement loan this year and probably not for a few years the way things are. There won't be contractors and businesses left by that time.....many won't make it through this year if loans don't become available right away.
Let's get this sent out and around everywhere, get people talking about it and there has to be some smart people out there that can get it done.....FAST!

Can you help?
Please send this to anyone you can right now.
Let's get some jobs created in record setting time.
Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for sending this on....let's give it a push and get people talking about this.... we need fast action and we can feel fast results. Can YOU do Something?

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